A very young and pregnant tabby (Maliha) was surrendered to a shelter when her owner died. Soon thereafter, she went into labor and, within hours, it became apparent that this beautiful girl needed medical attention. That’s when CAWS came to the rescue! We could tell that one of the kittens was stuck in the birth canal, blocking the other kittens from being born. We rushed her to our emergency vet where, after other complications set in and some kitten deaths, they performed an emergency C-section to complete her delivery and save her life. After this trauma, Maliha was left with just three out of seven kittens. Sadly, a few days later, one of her babies passed away. While she was working hard to keep her remaining two kittens alive, she contracted an infection, resulting in a fever of 106. Maliha was lethargic, refusing to eat, and not feeding the kittens. This poor girl had a very low red blood cell count and her prognosis for survival was extremely poor. The vet was at a loss as to the source of the infection. Maliha was put on four medications in this second effort to save her life. Of course, giving her such strong meds required us to bottle-feed her two babies. She was at death’s door for 7 days, with absolutely no improvement! On the 7th day, a mammary gland abscessed and ruptured; finally we had our source! Our vet performed surgery to remove the gland and all infected tissue. Good news, Maliha is now making a miraculous recovery! CAWS never gave up on her and we are thrilled that she will now live a long and happy life!