Chico and Charo

CAWS was contacted about two newborn kittens that were discovered in a bathroom trash receptacle, thrown away like garbage, in the Nephi City Office Building. These two beautiful babies were found in a plastic shopping bag, tied shut. We were lucky they were discovered when they were, as it was almost closing time on a Friday night and these two would not have survived through the weekend. What type of monster does something like this? Fortunately, the stars aligned for these two very precious souls that day! Someone heard their soft cries for help! When we got the call about this horrific act of animal abuse, we jumped into action. We quickly arranged transportation to pick up the kittens and rushed them to one of our wonderful CAWS foster moms who, by the way, specializes in taking in and caring for “bottle” babies. That Friday night, instead of dying alone and scared, these two beautiful babies were cleaned up, well-fed, cuddled and loved, and put to bed, surrounded by soft and warm blankets. They were safe with CAWS!  Fast forward 4 weeks – Chico (the solid grey boy) and Charo (the grey and white girl) are healthy and thriving! They will be available for adoption through the CAWS website in about 6 to 8 weeks. We are so very grateful to all of the people who helped save these babies! A special thanks to Lisa Coombs, Nephi Shelter Volunteer and Networker Extraordinaire; Shirlene Buckley, Nephi Animal Control Officer; Julie Davis, TNR Volunteer; Staci Hardcastle-Johnson, Angle-of-a-Foster Mom; and finally to our donors who continue to allow CAWS to do what they do best – save lives!