When Addie’s owner passed away, she went to live with the owner’s son. Sadly, that is when the inconceivable neglect began. This precious little senior went from being an indoor lap dog to an outdoor dog, tied up by her leash, with little food, no companionship, no medical care, no grooming, and no love. After years of neglect, (maybe from boredom or out of desperation), Addie chewed through her leash and escaped. She was scared and on the loose for quite a few days. She was ultimately found nearly dead by a good samaritan and turned over to animal control. Within a short time, Addie was listed as a “Rescue Only” because of her age and overall condition. No surprise that CAWS stepped up to bring this precious little senior into the program. Addie was placed in a very special CAWS foster home, where she (and other little seniors like her) are taken to find their groove again! From there, Addie received a vet check, which resulted in removing embedded foxtails, confirming that she is deaf and has low-vision, getting vaccinated/microchipped, and having a much-needed dental. And of course, she also had her groom; who knew there was such a beautiful pup underneath those mats and filth! Her foster mom reports that Addie is the sweetest girl ever!