Tanner was rescued from death row in a New Mexico shelter just hours before being euthanized. He was found as a very skinny stray with some sort of nerve injury to his left front leg.

Tanner was unable to put any weight on that leg; he couldn’t even straighten it. CAWS pulled this beautiful boy and brought him to Salt Lake City for his second chance. Upon arrival, Tanner immediately started physical therapy at the Animal Care Center. They attempted to help Tanner regain movement and increase muscle mass, but unfortunately his leg was just too damaged to fix. Not only was his leg causing him pain and discomfort, it was serving absolutely no purpose! Often times, his injured leg just got in the way when he was climbing onto the couch or walking up stairs. After realizing that we could not repair his leg, our only option was to amputate. The amazing vets at Animal Care Center performed the surgery and gave this boy a new lease on life. Now pain-free, young Tanner has no idea that he is different from any other dog. He runs extremely fast, jumps pretty darn high, and plays hard. But here is the best news of all! Our big silly tripod has found his forever home! Our donors’ support continues to allow CAWS to make miracles happen all year long! Thank you from the very bottom of our collective hearts!