Snuffleupagus (Snuffy) was picked up as a stray in Davis County and sadly no one came looking for him. He walked very slowly and had a bad limp. Since he was a senior and had obvious medical issues, the shelter deemed him “unadoptable” and listed him as “rescue only”. That’s when CAWS stepped in (February 2017).  Our vets diagnosed Snuffy with Elbow Dysplasia in both elbows, as well as some arthritis in his shoulders.  Despite all of this, he was a very happy and kind-hearted guy, just wanting to be around dogs and loving every person he met. But his happiness and good nature could not disguise the fact that he was in very real pain. He would sometimes bark in frustration at not being able to run and play fetch like the other dogs. After  several vet visits, Snuffy was prescribed daily pain meds and a monthly shot of Adequan. Soon after, he also began Shockwave Therapy to relieve his aching joints. Snuffy underwent four sessions over a 3-month period. With this specialized therapy and boundless love and care from his foster family, Snuffy started to improve. Each day, he’d take longer walks and be up and about more often. Because of his sweet personality, Snuffy was featured on Susie’s Senior Dogs, where he received positive comments from across the country. But it was a local couple who saw his sweet story and ultimately adopted him. We couldn’t be happier!