It started on a Sunday afternoon in West Valley City. A kind-hearted man saw a little white matted dog trying to get anyone’s attention.

She was confused, limping, had no collar, and was a filthy mess. He couldn’t just leave her there, and so he took the dog home and called CAWS for help. A CAWS foster mom volunteered to take her in for the night. The foster mom named the little dog Sloane, knowing in her heart that this poor pup had most likely been dumped. That evening, the foster mom cut out the worst of Sloane’s mats, gave her a bath, fed her, gave her meds for her sprained foot, and tucked her in bed for some well-deserved rest. The next day, as gut wrenching as it was, the foster mom took Sloane to the West Valley Animal Shelter to begin her 5-day stray hold. However, she asked the shelter to tag (hold) the pup for CAWS in the event she was not claimed. On day 5, Sloane had not been claimed and she officially became a CAWS dog! Sloane lived with her original foster mom for 6 weeks, getting her vaccinations, microchip, a professional groom, a dew claw removed, and her spay. Sloane received six applications, none of which seemed to be a good fit. Application 7 came in and the rest is history! The family flew to Salt Lake City to meet her and it was instant love! Sloane, now named Lexi, has gone from total neglect to being completely pampered. She is living the dream and we couldn’t be happier!