Handsome Skylar had been with CAWS for over a year looking for his forever home and, at the same time, working with a trainer to become the best version of himself. We were so happy with his progress! Tragically (and for reasons unknown) we noticed that Skylar was suddenly having difficulty walking and standing at one of our adoption events. Within hours, Skylar’s entire backend was paralyzed! Frantically, we rushed him into our ER vet. Unsure if he had a blood clot or a spinal cord injury, the vet recommended we start an aggressive steroid treatment plan in hopes of reversing the obvious damage to his spinal cord. The first 24 hours showed zero improvement; the vet gave us little hope that he would recover. However, Skylar had different plans and, in spite of the dismal prognosis, he fought for his life! He began to show subtle signs of  improvement. Within a week while still in the hospital, Skylar regained control of his bodily functions and was able to stand and walk with help. Skylar is now out of the ER and in a new foster home with his canine gal pal Honey. Skylar is slowly improving everyday with the help of costly rehab/physical therapy that he receives twice a week. If you’d like to help CAWS cover the cost of Skylar’s remaining vet bills and on-going rehabilitation, please donate to