Scrawny Ronnie

In May, CAWS received a call from Salt Lake County asking for help with a newborn kitten that had been found on the driveway of a homeowner. CAWS jumped into action and picked up the kitten immediately. Scrawny Ronnie was super tiny (even for a newborn), weighing only 75 grams. His umbilical cord was pink and wet, indicating he was only a few hours old. We knew Ronnie was a fighter when he latched onto the tiny bottle nipple and drank .5cc’s!  Hence began the every 90-minute feedings. Little Ronnie ate well, but still lost 8 grams during the week. We feared the worst! About that time, we received a call from SL County saying another kitten was found from that same location. Of course we took in this new baby and he joined his brother, Ronnie. The new kitten weighed 104 grams, a normal weight for a newborn. He looked giant next to our tiny Ronnie. The new baby flourished, while Ronnie struggled to put on weight. The sibling’s eyes started to open around 7 days, but Ronnie’s remained tightly sealed. In time, Ronnie’s eyes did open and soon we realized our little boy was not without medical issues, which are being addressed. His foster mom says Ronnie has definitely turned the corner and is doing great. She describes him as the sweetest and happiest little guy ever!  *Side Note: From early May to mid-June (5 weeks), CAWS took in over 170 kittens, many in critical condition. Thank you to our dedicated foster parents and our incredibly generous donors for allowing us to save these (and other) precious souls