Rylee’s story begins just before Thanksgiving, after being picked up as a stray and taken to a local shelter. Prior to coming to the shelter, Rylee had suffered a horrible injury to his left hind leg that left a gaping wound with tissue and muscle exposed.

It was obvious that this boy was in a great deal of pain and running out of time. Unless a rescue group stepped up, the shelter would have to euthanize Rylee. Of course CAWS was not going to let that happen to this sweet ginger kitty, so we pulled him. Originally, we thought his laceration could be treated with a good cleaning, drains or stitches, and strong antibiotics. Sadly, during his medical evaluation, our veterinarian discovered that Rylee’s gash was much more serious. Rylee’s leg was cut so deeply that it had ruptured his ACL tendon and tore the ligaments. Even worse, the infection had spread into the bone. At this point, our vet was left with no other choice; he amputated Rylee’s leg in order to save his life. Fast forward 3 weeks; Rylee is on the mend in his foster home and loving his new life