Little Roo came into the Salt Lake Shelter as a stray. It was apparent that this 3-month old kitten had probably been hit by a car as both of his back legs were broken.

Luckily, his breaks didn’t require surgery, just rest and rehab. Roo spent 6 weeks at the shelter getting his strength back. He quickly became a shelter staff favorite because of his indomitable spirit and sweet disposition! When the shelter reached out for help to find this boy a home, CAWS stepped up. Roo was still a little gimpy and limpy when he came into our program, but it wasn’t long before he was 100% and enjoying his new-found freedom in his foster home. As luck would have it, and just as he was settling into the routine and comfort of his new digs, tragedy struck again!  An unfortunate run-in with an automated litter box broke his front leg. Only this time, the break was so severe that surgery was required to align the bones and pin them in place. Since then, Roo has fully recovered and has managed to stay out of trouble! He has been adopted by his wonderful foster family and is back to his rambunctious antics! Roo doesn’t care one bit that he has used up two (or maybe three) of his nine lives!