A local shelter asked CAWS to rescue a 3-week old kitten that had just been turned over because of a deformity.

CAWS jumped at the chance to help Quinton and found that he had a condition called squinton kitten (a birth defect that causes crooked legs). After a medical evaluation, we learned that Quinton’s legs couldn’t be fixed. Funny thing though, Quinton didn’t know he was different. From an early age, he was climbing on sofas, going up and down stairs, and giving his foster mom daily heart attacks with his fearlessness! But then, at about 6 months, Quinton began having difficulty breathing and was rushed to the ER. It turned out that our boy had a severe diaphragmatic hernia, which caused his internal organs to be pushed up into his lungs (yet another birth defect caused by irresponsible breeding). Quinton underwent immediate (and very successful) surgery to stitch his organs back in place. The good news is that he is now fully recovered. But even better, Quinton’s foster mom realized she couldn’t bear to part with her crazy little clown boy. Quinton has found his perfect forever family!