Lucky and Charm

This is our Lucky Charm Story! Lucky and Charm received their names because they were found in an engine compartment of a semi-truck just before a huge snow storm hit! CAWS had rescued their brother Mikey a month earlier, so we were happy to reunite this little family. Because Mikey had a birth defect known as agenesis (a congenital defect where the eyelids fail to develop properly) and microphthalmia (small or no eyeballs), we knew Lucky and Charm might also have this issue. So CAWS took these two little nuggets to an Ophthalmologist and, sadly yes, they had the defect too. The vet recommended that we wait, to allow their eyes to develop to the greatest extent possible. At times, the foster mom thought the kittens might have some sight as they’d pounce with such accuracy! But eventually it was clear that neither Lucky nor Charm had functioning eyes and so they both underwent surgery to remove the tissue. Fast forward 10 days; these sweet souls are doing great! They snuggle together, play with the other foster cats, and purr when held. Charm loves to run around her turbo track, chasing after the ball, while Lucky stalks and pounces on the sighted cats in the home!