The foster mom says, “I fell in love as soon as I saw her sad, sweet eyes in the picture from Davis County [Shelter].” This is Kita’s story! When the foster family brought her home from the shelter, Kita wasn’t eating and wouldn’t make eye contact, so they hand-fed her and patiently waited for her to trust again. The family noticed from the beginning that Kita was having difficulty walking across the hardwood floors; something was definitely wrong with her back leg! CAWS made her an appointment for X-rays and meanwhile, the family strategically placed blankets on the floor so that Kita could safely make it to the stairs. Then they’d carry her up/down the stairs. The X-rays showed Kita had one completely torn CCL and a partially torn ACL. CAWS knew they had to find the money for this expensive TPLO surgery in order to give Kita a quality of life that would allow her to run and play once again! Through our incredible donors, CAWS was able to give Kita her much needed surgery. Three months post-surgery, Kita is going on short hikes, swimming, and losing weight

(3 pounds so far)! She’s also navigating the hardwood floors and stairs with ease. It was destiny that this wonderful CAWS foster family would indeed foster-fail, and we couldn’t be happier!