his is Jumpy (and Jeffrey’s) story. Jeffrey, a human boy, has loved animals ever since his 1st grade class hatched chicks 3 years ago.  

Oh how Jeffrey wanted a pet of his own, but with two working parents and a busy after-school schedule, dog adoption was impossible. The only household pets were two senior cats that hid each day until after Jeffrey and his brother went to bed. Enter Jumpy, an adorable CAWS kitten who was part of a litter being fostered by Jeffrey’s 3rd grade teacher. After seeing the 6-week old kittens on Facebook, Jeffrey visited his teacher’s home. Jeffrey and “his kitten” that he immediately named Jumpy, bonded instantly.  Jeffrey’s family adopted Jumpy and his brother Sonic.  But it was Jeffrey and Jumpy who became constant companions; their souls somehow connected.  Incredibly, Jumpy has assumed the role of “therapy cat.” You see, Jeffrey is on the autism spectrum and suffers from extreme anxiety. With Jumpy in his life, Jeffrey smiles more and has a best buddy who doesn’t judge him. Jumpy accepts and loves Jeffrey as he is. When Jeffrey becomes anxious, he finds Jumpy, scoops him up, and they cuddle until the panic subsides. The effectiveness of therapy animals is well documented and this CAWS kitty is happily doing the job he was destined to do!