Jed’s mom was feral, so it wasn’t surprising that he was born in a yard where the feline family was not welcome! The litter of five kittens was removed by the homeowner and taken to the county shelter when they were about 2 weeks old. CAWS received a call asking if we would take these motherless feral babies into our program. How could we refuse? Within hours, CAWS picked up this little family and thus began five kittens being bottle fed every 2 to 3 hours around the clock for the next several weeks. All of the kittens, except for the tiny runt Jed, bonded with the foster mom almost immediately. They adjusted to the bottle and formula quickly as well. However, tiny Jed (the smallest kitten needing the most nutrients) wanted nothing to do with his foster mom! He fought her every step of the way. He hissed at the bottle and rejected any human affection. The only way Jed could be fed was to be wrapped in a blanket with only his little head exposed and, when he cried or hissed, his foster mom squirted the formula into his mouth. This made him even angrier, as you can imagine! After 3 weeks of fighting the bottle and human touch, Jed slowly realized that humans are indeed pretty cool! In the end, Jed became the most bonded of all the kittens with his loving foster mom. Maybe it’s because she never just gave up on him! Jed has since been adopted (along with two of his siblings) to a wonderful family. Jed is doing great on all counts and has his very own special human boy named Justice to watch over!