Chloe, a tiny pregnant Min Pin. After at least 12 hours of hard labor with no delivery, Chloe’s owners took her to see a vet. They were told that this little momma needed an immediate caesarian-section

if there was any hope of saving her life or the life of her one very large puppy. Because of the cost involved, the owners opted instead to sign her over to be euthanized and left her there. A volunteer contacted CAWS for help and we jumped into action! We took immediate ownership and full financial responsibility. Chloe was quickly transported to our awesome vets at Cottonwood Animal Hospital for surgery and we all waited for news. Would Chloe and her pup survive? Then the news came . . . Chloe had survived the surgery, but sadly we lost her puppy. We were heartbroken at the loss of the pup, but at the same time, took solace in the fact that teeny tiny beautiful Chloe was still with us. Fast forward 10 days, Chloe is on the mend, recovering from her C-section and spay, and being so loved and spoiled by her foster family!  Thanks to our donors, CAWS can continue to make miracles happen!