Cairo and Her Six Puppies

Monday morning in Roswell, Cairo and her six puppies (along with 20 other dogs) are scheduled for euthanasia as their rescue commitment was cancelled at the last minute.

This left New Mexico volunteers scrambling to save as many as possible. They posted a desperate plea on Facebook and CAWS, as well as other great Utah-based rescues, stepped up and saved them all! CAWS committed to Cairo and her babies, as well as several other dogs. When the NM transport arrived, Cairo cowered in the back of her crate, while her six dirty puppies were anxious to be out of the crowded crate. Sadly, the little family was sick with Giardia and had developed kennel cough. But with a quick diagnosis and expert care from Dr. Maloof at VCA Hospital, this family recovered quickly.  Momma Cairo was emaciated when she arrived, while her puppies were fat and happy. It was evident that Cairo had given all that she had to ensure her puppies survival. Fast forward a month . . . the 10-pound puppies soon became heathly silly 20-pound troublemakers! After undergoing their spay/neuter procedures, all the pups were quickly adopted into great homes! As for Cairo, she has put on weight, been spayed, and is learning to finally trust humans. She is no longer afraid of noises or of being outside. She is enjoying a pampered indoor life in her loving foster home, while she awaits her forever family.