A local rescuer found Bella lying in the mud by a river, wet and ice cold.  She was unable to stand and very nearly dead.

The rescuer rushed her to Willow Creek Vet Clinic and contacted CAWS.  It was then that Bella became a CAWS kitty. The vet told us that Bella was in critical condition. She was severely dehydrated and had a body temperature of 90 degrees (normal is 100 to 102 degrees). She also had a broken pelvis, which explained why she couldn’t stand on her own. The first night was touch and go; Bella received fluids, pain medication, and was slowly warmed back up. Despite her severe injuries, she lifted her head for chin scratches, purred, and did small muffins (kneading) on her blanket. That was the moment she stole the hearts of our entire CAWS organization. After Bella was stabilized, we turned our attention to her pelvis, which was not just broken, it was shattered. If that wasn’t bad enough, the break was putting pressure on her spinal cord. Her only chance at a normal life was surgery to rebuild her pelvis using plates and screws. Update – the surgery was a tremendous success!  Bella will need two months of recovery and cage rest, but she WILL make a full recovery!