CAWS pulled Winston from a shelter in Vernal, Utah when it was apparent that this morbidly obese Dachshund’s health was in rapid decline.

His previous owner had overfed Winston to the point that this poor boy could barely walk and was in constant pain from his belly touching the ground with each step. Our hearts were breaking and we knew we had to do something quick. We posted an urgent plea on-line for a foster to help this boy lose one half of his body weight. Thankfully, an incredible foster family stepped up and took this obese dog on the most amazing journey ever! Winston weighed 34.8 pounds on Day One. He was so fat that his legs stuck up in the air when he rested. With his foster family’s love, regular exercise, and measured high-quality food, Winston started dropping the pounds! His journey took 42 weeks, but now this beautiful boy is a total stud-muffin (not literally, of course)! Winston currently tips the scale at 17 pounds, an absolutely perfect weight for him! He can run, hike, and play for 1 ½ hours non-stop! Somewhere in his 9+ month journey, his foster family fell head-over- heels in love with him and knew they had to make Winston an official member of their family.
Sorry everyone, this handsome boy is off the market! Check out “Winston’s Journey” on Facebook!