Ray Charles

Sometimes the best way to explain a success is to put a face with the story! Ray Charles (RC, as we like to call him) was dumped at a local shelter with horribly infected eyes when he was only 6 or 7 weeks old! One of our kind volunteers spotted him there and immediately asked CAWS to pull him, which we did. Upon arrival, CAWS took RC to one of our amazing veterinarians, who had no choice but to remove both of RC’s ruptured eyes in order to give this awesome kitten a chance at life. RC has always been the most loving little guy, even while in pain prior to surgery. Post-surgery, RC is still amazingly sweet and has not let his blindness define or limit him in any way. He’s the most playful adorable kitten ever! There’s not a thing RC can’t do and proves it every single day. And it comes as no surprise that RC has already been adopted into a loving home! We are told that his feline big brother continues to show him how wonderful life can truly be! We are so happy for this boy!
Without CAWS and our incredible donors, RC would most certainly have been euthanized at the shelter.