Faith was brought to South Salt Lake Shelter by a good samaritan who was tending to a feral cat community. This 6-week old feral kitten had a severely injured right rear leg.

The shelter reached out to CAWS for assistance and we immediately pulled Faith. Her leg was worse than had been described, as the open wound smelled of rotting flesh and infection. CAWS started sub-Q fluids and put her on antibiotics. We weren’t sure we could save her, as the infection was spreading fast. Our veterinarian performed emergency surgery, having no choice but to amputate her leg. Even then, we were only cautiously optimistic. But Faith was the ultimate fighter; she not only survived, she absolutely thrived! Faith has since been adopted. Our sweet tiny tripod adores her new family, including her three feline brothers and a loving little 9-year old girl to call her own! Thanks to our donors, CAWS continues to rescue many sick and injured cats, like Faith.