In early August, CAWS was involved in a major cat rescue from a deplorable hording situation.  Over 60 cats were rescued!  One of the kittens CAWS pulled from the home was 6-month old Elsie.  

This sweet little girl was so very sick and needed immediate medical treatment.  By the mere fact that she was still alive under such horrific circumstances proved to CAWS that she was an amazing fighter and that she wanted to live!  And of course once CAWS takes an animal, we stand by them no matter what!  We immediately took sweet Elsie to our awesome veterinarian, where he performed emergency surgery to eliminate her bowel intussusception (blockage).  It was touch and go for a while, but Elsie didn’t give up and neither did the volunteers at CAWS!  Post-surgery update, Elsie has made a full recovery and is currently looking for her forever home.   Thanks to our donors, CAWS has been able to continue to rescue many sick and injured kittens this summer.  Without our supporters, Elsie (and others like her) would most certainly not be here today!