Boots was saved from a high-kill shelter in Roswell, New Mexico in her final hours.  She was emaciated, had mange, and she couldn’t open her mouth at all.  

Luckily she was headed to CAWS!  When Boots arrived, she immediately went in for a medical evaluation.  Her CT scan showed many, many small breaks in her jaw that had healed improperly, fusing her mouth closed.  We knew that without surgery Boots would have little, if any, quality of life since the only way she could eat was to be fed a liquid gruel through a syringe.  Fortunately CAWS doesn’t give up and with the help of many people, we finally found a surgeon willing to do such a complicated reconstructive surgery!  One week post-surgery Boots was giving kisses, eating meatballs, and enjoying being able to pant in order to cool down, just like any normal dog!