Axel’s story is another medical success! This beautiful Labrador Retriever was relinquished to a shelter in Utah County because he had a football-size tumor on his abdomen. The tumor hung down so far, he had difficulty walking.
CAWS pulled this boy from the shelter, not knowing whether his tumor was cancerous or not. Once in CAWS, Axel was taken to Animal Care Center for immediate surgery to remove the mass. The surgery took 2 hours to complete; the tumor weighed nearly 8 pounds; and Axel’s incision was 13” long! The good news is that it was not cancer! Thanks to CAWS and our generous donors, this sweet boy was given his second chance! Axel is now fully recovered and awaiting his forever family. Meanwhile, he enjoys running and playing with the other dogs in his foster home, but most of all he loves being loved by his incredible foster family.