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Many opportunities exist in volunteering for CAWS. While some may seem mundane, all are important. Combined, they are CAWS, and what CAWS does for animals in need. And as CAWS is a volunteer-based organization, we're always looking for dedicated individuals, couples, and families to help us out in any way they can.

Adoption/Fostering Opportunities:

  • Scheduling volunteers for PetSmart days
  • Scheduling fosters/animals to be at PetSmart days
  • One day a month, or a morning or afternoon a month, on a PetSmart Saturday or Sunday adoption day
  • One day per week, 3 weeks per month, clean & care for cats at the 18th South PetSmart, and backup when others can't be there
  • Picking up and transporting animals from foster homes who don't drive
  • Washing the towels after PetSmart days, for the next Adoption Day (the cats and dogs lie on the towels)
  • Making adoption followup calls
  • Driving animals to veterinary appointments, to foster homes, to PetSmart
  • New ideas for publicity
  • If you have a digital camera and can drive, you can take pictures of animals that haven't yet made it to an Adoption Day at PetSmart

Feral Cat Projects & Activities:

  • Keeping, distributing, and tracking a few cages for your area
  • Keeping, distributing equipment for relocation, feral kitten taming, in your area
  • If you're into carpentry, we're always in need of feeder stations
  • Trapping at a feral site
  • Feeding regularly at a feral site
  • Mentoring folks - writing vouchers, showing them how to trap, following up
  • Meeting with property owners to work out agreements - usually with one or more other volunteers.
  • Picking up Styrofoam containers from veterinarians, storing until shelter building (in the Fall)
  • Taking weatherproofing stain around and touching up feeding stations for winter
  • Taking feeding stations to sites where needed

Community Outreach:

  • Returning telephone calls from the public - picking them up, or getting them from our leaders
  • Screening and issuing sliding income scale spay/neuter vouchers
  • Sending thank-you letters
  • Picking up donated items
  • Saving items for The Women's yard sale and transporting them (annually in June)
  • Delivering donated items to foster homes & low income people

If you have any special skills, we're always willing to hear what you can do, too. Just let us know.

Make a difference in your community by becoming a CAWS volunteer, call (801) 328-4731 or send an E-mail to


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