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CAWS is a no-kill, volunteer and foster-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is working with the community to help animals. As Utah’s oldest animal rescue group, our ongoing rescue, foster, education and adoption programs help animals whose time is up at shelters, those who are abandoned, and as our resources allow, those whom their owners can no longer keep.

We are committed to saving the animals that are often overlooked and under-appreciated at local shelters; this includes, the sick, injured, senior and neonatal kittens and their mothers. We are dedicated to helping those special needs animals find their forever homes.

Our rescue and adoption process is sustainable, innovative and effective. In 2015, we rescued and adopted out over one thousand dogs and cats from shelters throughout the state of Utah.

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This group was created for CAWS adopters to be able share updates of their new adopted best friends! Thanks for choosing to adopt!
Caryn Feeney
Caryn Feeney2 days ago
Buster (formerly Andy) with his new little brother Fred.
Caryn Feeney
Tiffni Meads
Tiffni Meads2 days ago
Almost 11 months with this amazing little girl. When she joined our family in January she was nervous of her new fur sister (who happened to be blind), would never bark, so timid and shy...now she sleeps in our bed, runs circles around our 2 acres, loves taking rides and anything that involves food!!! Such a long way from the shy little lady who would only eat in private so long ago. So much has changed, said goodbye to our Colby, got a kitty baby brother, I got married so we added a “dad” and 4 new people siblings, but the one thing that hasn’t changed since day #1 with our Sally, she is always by my side, never more than a step behind me and snuggled right up to me if she had her way. We love her and can’t imagine not having this toothless wonder to complete our family.

Thank you Danette for bringing Sally into our lives and thank you CAWS for all you do for amazing animals like her 🖤🖤🖤
Mandi Sliger
Mandi Sliger2 days ago
My two tired boys Dijitz 💤 and
Chance 💤

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